Futurism covers transformative technologies in the following areas.


Oculus, Virtual Education, Hololens, High Fidelity, Virtual Tourism, VR Games, Sensory Suits, 360 Degree Treadmills, Vive
Virtual and augmented reality have been around for decades now, but the revolution has only really just begun. Major headset releases are happening at every turn ,and game developers are not far behind. Further applications abound in science, healthcare, travel. Will our brave new virtual world be populated with boundless explorers, or despondent couch potatoes? Time will tell.


Future Products, Amazing Prototypes, Art Exhibits, Artificial Intelligence Movies, Robot Fails
As the pace of global innovation quickens and humanity races toward the inevitable singularity, new categories of science and technology are popping up every single day. In fact, the US Department of Labor estimates that 65% of the jobs that today's schoolchildren will hold don't even exist yet. When we see awesome content that just doesn't fit a more refined category, we'll share it here.

Earth & Energy

Nuclear Fusion, Hydrogen Fuel Cells, Floating Wind Farms, Electric Cars, Climate Change, Cloud Seeding, Environmental Engineering
As humanity’s impact on the biosphere becomes increasingly profound, the focus on alternative forms of energy intensifies. Simultaneously, scientists and innovators are working to engineer Earth’s weather and modify the environment to recreate the biosphere in a planned, precise way. We’ll follow the cutting-edge research that is leading us into the next age of energy and scrutinize the impact that humanity is having on our Pale Blue Dot.

Enhanced Humans

Biohacking, CRISPR, NeuroTech, Humanity+, Brain-Controlled Prosthetics, MedTech, Bionics, Augmentation, 3D Printed Organs
Bionic humans and cyborgs aren't starry eyed visions of the future—they're walking among us right now. From cochlear implants to robotic limbs controlled by our brains, the fields of biotechnology and genetic engineering are redefining what it means to be human every single day. Where will they take us next? And what will happen when these technologies advance to the point that enhancement procedures become elective instead of corrective?

Hard Science

Astrophysics, Applied Mathematics, Bioinformatics, Quantum Mechanics, Polymer Chemistry, Computational Theory
The future isn't just about what we can build or engineer through technology. Scientists are making groundbreaking discoveries and achieving remarkable breakthroughs in the fields of mathematics, chemistry, astrophysics, biology, and quantum mechanics. And we're doing it every week.  We'll cover the biggest ones by breaking down complex research papers and analyzing the implications of their content.

Industrial Rev 2.0

Makerfaires, 3D Printing, Nanotech Materials, Supercomputers, Manufacturing Automation, Scanning Devices, Nano-Assemblers
It’s easier to prototype a new invention today than at any other time in history. Breakthroughs in materials science are revolutionizing manufacturing processes, while advancements in automation are disseminating manufacturing capabilities. Programmers may be running the world today, but engineers will run it tomorrow. We’ll peek into laboratories and factories that smell like everything from sawdust to extruded polymer.


Project Loon, Desalinization Tech, Lab-grown Meat, Nuclear Fusion, Hydrogen Fuel, Household Solar, Tesla PowerWall, GeoEngineering
Regardless of their size, today's technology companies are in the business of thinking big—really big. Ending world hunger? Solving climate change? Editing HIV out of our bodies? Blanketing the world in free internet? Building an interstellar spaceship? It's all on the table, and it's just the beginning. We'll highlight the individuals, organizations, and projects that are moving humanity forward, and scrutinize the ones who are all smoke and mirrors.

Network Society

Blockchain, Internet of Things, Communications, Sensors, Mass Transport, Smart Cities, Crowdsourcing, Bitcoin
In the next few decades, everything we own—our cars, our coffee cups, our clothing, our cats—will be connected to the web. It's hard to argue that the 'internet of things' isn't making our world smarter, more efficient, and more economical. But when everything in our world is a computer, who's going to play traffic cop? Our internet runs on centralized authorities, but should it stay that way? We'll explore everything from Bitcoin and the blockchain to smart homes and connected infrastructure.

Off World

SpaceX, Orbital, NASA, International Space Station, Mars Colonization, Micro-Satellites, Fermi Paradox, Interstellar Travel
In recent years, space has become a hotbed of private investment. Innovators like Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos are starting serious conversations about visiting Mars and mining asteroids for precious metals, but it's not all big budget moonshots. Advancements in rocketry continue to drive the cost of spaceflight down. Inflatable space hotels are being tested in orbit. Nanosatellites are bringing the ideas of ordinary individuals and institutions into space for the first time. It's all fair game on Futurism.

Robot Intelligence

Machine Learning, Drones, Self-Driving Cars, Humanoid Robots, Turing Tests, Speech Recognition, Artificial Intellegence, Workforce Automation
The next 30 years will tell the story of the rise of machine intelligence. We're already having intelligent conversations with our cell phones. In the months and years to come, artificial intelligence will start materially changing our world. We're talking self-driving cars, heads-up displays with facial recognition, and robots on a quest to pass the Turing Test. But what's the endgame here? And what happens when robots are doing all the work that humans used to do?
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