What is Futurism?

Futurism is a curated feed of the top daily scientific breakthroughs and technological innovations. The top  daily stories, infographics, and videos are put into an email digest that is sent to our subscribers daily.

The Museum of the Future in Dubai is a platinum sponsor of Futurism, and we thank them for helping us achieve our goal of spreading science to the masses!


Can I submit a story or write for you guys?

We’re always looking for active contributors to create content. Feel free to email alex@futurism.com.


I have ideas on how to make your website better. Can I share them?

We want Futurism to be a community driven website, and we encourage ALL feedback. Email alex@futurism.com with any thoughts you may have.


I don't want to receive your email digest every day. Can I receive it every week?

Of course you can. Simply click the option at the bottom of one of our email digests and you’ll be redirected to Mailchimp where you can specify the frequency that you’d like to receive our updates.


Can I republish your content?

All Futurism content is licensed under Creative Commons for Attribution-Non-Commercial Use.